Some Tsunami/Quake Disaster Relief.

I have a list of resources (some suggestions for donations and some online resources) to help in the Tsunami/Quake Disaster Relief. If you have not already done so, please help by donating money or time and get your employer to match it.


Late XML 2004 Trip report and links to my XML 2004 presentation

It has been more than a month already, since I attended the XML 2004 Conference in Washington DC. My presentation on XQuery in the context of relational databases was well-attended. Attendees had the unique opportunity to compare the (not too diverging) philosophies of Oracle and Microsoft on this topic since my talk was in the…


XML Support in SQL Server 2005 has no dependency on http.sys

A recent blog post claimed that the native XML support in SQL Server 2005 has a dependency on http.sys and thus is only available on Win 2003 Server or Win XP/SP2. This is incorrect. XML has no such dependency and should be available on all platforms where SQL Server 2005 is supported. Only the HTTP/SOAP…


The top three reasons why…

… we ship an XQuery subset in SQL Server 2005 when it has been removed from the .Net Framework can be found here.


Does IBM really move the database goalposts?

I posted a reply to Philip Howard’s article for The Register on the recent announcement for the new XML support in an upcoming IBM database release.


Upcoming Presentations

In the last week of September, I will be giving two presentations at SQL PASS 2004 in Orlando, Florida: one on managing unstructured and semistructured data with SQL Server 2005 and one on Service-oriented architecture (SOA) and SQL Server 2005. The first one will be on the new large datatypes, new features in the Full-text area…