Interesting HBR IdeaCast article

Today I came across this article and I thought to share with you because I think it holds a lot of true for software development teams. I think the notion of always providing value because we are smart or have this certain level of expertise at times is detrimental to the overall success of that idea.



Also read the comments as some of them are very insightful

Here is my high level take on this:

  • Speak up if you think the idea is not great. Meaning that if you think the value add of your comment is more than 30-50% of the current idea at that point I think is well worth it
  • Don't comment or provide extra features just for the sake of doing it. Sometime a "That is great !" is all that is necessary to get that idea to completion and into the customers hand
  • Foster a collaborative team environment were people feel free to share and collaborate on ideas so you avoid these type of problems (this I think is the most important and also the most difficult to achieve)
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  1. M2 says:

    Dear mrod,

    Thanks for dropping by BNET and for linking to Discussion Leader article. Great stuff.



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