Visualizing Change- The Start


Last week we released a Channel 9 video discussing a new concept, which we call Visualizing Change. Over the coming months you will see the Version Control team talk more and more about this concept and what it means for us and the ALM space. 

In short, Visualizing Change is a set of experiences that utilize the power of our data integration to provide rich, innovative, and highly interactive visualizations in order to help our users achieve end goals with increased velocity and insight.


 Its pillars are the following:

·         Information overload

·         Information complexity

·         Traceability

Information overload is already a common problem for the information worker and now we have numerous search tools to help us apply the necessary filters in order to remain productive. On the other hand, for software development shops, not only is there the enterprise overload but also the overload of many projects, with code that is constantly changing. No tool in the market is effectively helping this user base and it will only get worse.  


This information is sometimes hard to obtain but even tougher is the analysis and context necessary to be able to drive a decision or action from it, and there is where complexity comes into play. You add to this the many new compliance requirements and team processes and you get traceability.


Enjoy the video and as always feedback is welcomed and encouraged.  That is how we learn.

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