TFS Branching Guidance whitepaper released


As a Version Control Program Manager, I am frequently asked for branch and merge guidance. This thirst in the field for content drove us to create a special project with the Rangers team where we worked over the last quarter to fill that gap. I am happy to announce that we have released our first edition of the document and it is now available in CodePlex for everyone to see and download:

Here's the high level overview:

·         Introduction

·         Parallel Development

·         Branching Defined

·         Creating Isolation in Team Foundation Server

·         General Branching Structure Guidance

·         Branching Strategies

·         Broad Areas of Branching Isolation

·         Creating Your Branching Strategy

·         Defining Your Code Promotion Model

·         Feature Crews: How Microsoft Does It

·         End-to-End Implementation Scenario

·         Appendix


We are excited that this is available in CodePlex because it means that we can now gather your feedback and make the contents of the document better with a very quick turnaround.  Please take a second, download the pdf from the releases tab, and give us feedback if you get a chance.

Enjoy the guidance.

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