How to migrate from CAB/SCSF to Composite WPF

Blaine recently posted that there is a CAB to Prism Comparison Available on Codeplex.  This links to Composite Application Guidance for CAB Developers, a download from the CompositeWPF community site. While this document does not help you decide IF[*] you should switch from CAB/SCSF to CompositeWPF, it does help with HOW, the differences between the…


Composite Application Guidance for WPF Shipped!

A while back, I was Dev Lead on the Smart Client Software Factory (SCSF) when we added the ability to host WPF controls in a Composite Application Block (CAB) application. Since then, the thinking in the WPF space has changed a bit, and p&p decided that offering guidance on full WPF applications was a good…


Smart Client Software Factory – April 2008 Release is available on MSDN

The April 2008 release of the Smart Client Software Factory is now available at  This is a port of the last release (May 2007, if I recall correctly) to VS2008.  No new features were added.  A few bugs were fixed, and a number of work items from CodePlex were closed. This release supports Enterprise Library 3.1.  It does…


Smart Client Software Factory April 2008 Release Candidate Available

Friday, I posted we had a solid Beta.  Today, I am letting you know that SCSF now has a Release Candidate (RC).  The bug that appeared Friday is, we think, fixed.  We actually published the RC before we completed any internal testing, so the customer who reported the issue would have a chance to verify…


Smart Client Software Factory April 2008 Beta Available

The SCSF April 2008 Beta Release that supports Visual Studio 2008 is now available. We fixed all the known issues from the Alpha.  It is solid, and may actually be a release candidate, rather than a beta. Enjoy.


Smart Client Software Factory April 2008 Alpha Available

For the past month or so, Blaine and I have been overseeing the development of the April release of the Smart Client Software Factory.  This release is being done mostly by a team of vendors, freeing Blaine to run Prism and I to run the Acceptance Testing Guidance project.  Blaine and I are still very…


Weird COM Exceptions in SCSF/CAB Unit Tests

The SCSF project was getting a weird error with the unit tests that were brought forward from VS2005 to VS2008. All the unit tests would pass, however the test run would fail with the following error in a special log file: One of the background threads threw exception: System.Runtime.InteropServices.InvalidComObjectException: COM object that has been separated…


The future of WPF Guidance

There is a lot of new information, all announced today, about the future of Acropolis, CAB, and WPF guidance from patterns & practices.  This comes about after a lot of internal discussions between the patterns & practices Client / User Experience team and the Acropolis team. If you want to know what is going on,…