If you missed the patterns & practices summit….

Ajoy has posted that three of the sessions have been made available online at pnp Summit videos online.  Since one of the three sessions is one that Grigori and I did about the Acceptance Testing Guide, Driving Development with Acceptance Testing, I figured I’d share the information.  The other two sessions are Ade talking about…

Acceptance Test Engineering guide Alpha Available

Last night I posted the Alpha version of Acceptance Test Engineering guide – How to Decide if Software is Ready for You or Your Customer to the Acceptance Test Engineering CodePlex community site.  There are 300+ pages of content.  It is still a bit rough, has some gaps in it, and needs some work, but there…

Unit testing SharePoint

Francis has an article on Unit Testing SharePoint 2007 Applications He also did a brownbag talk on this yesterday, which was very interesting and brought up a few big challenges and ways to work around them. Enjoy


Acceptance Testing Guide Community Preview 2 Available!

As I have mentioned before in a few posts (Acceptance Test Engineering Guidance, Acceptance Testing Guidance Survey, and Acceptance Testing Guide Update), I am working with a team on guidance around acceptance testing.  We still have a lot of work to do our the guide, but we have made available a second community preview to…


Acceptance Testing Guide Update

The team has been writing, editing, re-writing, and working hard on putting together a guide on Acceptance Testing.  We have made quite a bit of progress, decided on an organization scheme, the basic format of how we want to write each chapter, and have re-worked a lot of content to fit this model.  We recently…


Acceptance Testing Guidance Survey

We have put together a survey to get a bit more input from the community about Acceptance Testing.  If you are at all involved in software development, deployment, or operations acceptance testing proabably impacts you in some way, shape, or form, so you may want to add your insight to what we are working on….


Acceptance Test Engineering Guidance

As I mentioned before (Acceptance Testing Guidance, Grigori’s Take on the Acceptance Testing Project), I am working on guidance around acceptance testing with Grigori. We now have alive CodePlex site that we can work from: patterns & practices: Acceptance Test Engineering Guidance We will be posting more as we really get ramped up.  We have…


Grigori’s Take on the Acceptance Testing Project

The other day, I mentioned a new project here at p&p, Acceptance Testing Guidance, Grigori has his own take on the project, Acceptance Test Engineering Guidance – project kick-off. Check it out.


Acceptance Testing Guidance

On Monday, Grigori and I kicked off a new project: Acceptance Testing Guidance Actually, we kicked off a pre-project planning project. In two to three weeks, we need to decide if there is enough demand for guidance on acceptance testing to warrant a real project, determine the scope of the project, generate a preliminary backlog…


Weird COM Exceptions in SCSF/CAB Unit Tests

The SCSF project was getting a weird error with the unit tests that were brought forward from VS2005 to VS2008. All the unit tests would pass, however the test run would fail with the following error in a special log file: One of the background threads threw exception: System.Runtime.InteropServices.InvalidComObjectException: COM object that has been separated…