Data Access Guidance Refresh

Over the last few weeks (in my copious spare time between midnight and six in the morning), I have been updating the Data Access Guidance code base to VS2010B2 in prepration for a few talks I am giving on Data Access patterns.  As soon as I am happy with the code, I will post something…


Web Client Developer Guidance

For the past several months, I ahve been working with Blaine and Francis on the Web Client Developer Guidance project.  This project (when we ship) will provide further guidance for web developers who are creating risch responsive web applications.  We have spent considerable time focusing on things like javascript, MVC development, security, separated presentation, unit…


If you missed the patterns & practices summit….

Ajoy has posted that three of the sessions have been made available online at pnp Summit videos online.  Since one of the three sessions is one that Grigori and I did about the Acceptance Testing Guide, Driving Development with Acceptance Testing, I figured I’d share the information.  The other two sessions are Ade talking about…


Who is using WCSF?

Blaine and I would like to ask the community to let us know "who is using WCSF?"  We know that WCSF has been fairly successful based on: WCSF has been downloaded a few times (ok, it is really many thousands of times) The discussion forums on CodePlex are fairly busy Direct customer engagement with a…


Where is WCSF headed?

Blaine & I have been getting a lot of emails, messages, comments, etc about WCSF.  There are a lot of people interested in a public statement from patterns & practices about the roadmap for WCSF and future support of WCSF, in addition to the "normal" feature requests. Well, we have some good news: Blaine has…


Back from vacation… and a lot has happened in the last week

I took a week off, which was good.  I visited family and spent time relaxing and playing video games. (Fallout3 rocks so far!!).  I got back this morning to hundreds of emails to go through.  After reading almost all of it, there were a few things that happened recently I wanted to share… Here are…


How to migrate from CAB/SCSF to Composite WPF

Blaine recently posted that there is a CAB to Prism Comparison Available on Codeplex.  This links to Composite Application Guidance for CAB Developers, a download from the CompositeWPF community site. While this document does not help you decide IF[*] you should switch from CAB/SCSF to CompositeWPF, it does help with HOW, the differences between the…


Finally, a common Service Locator

I know that this is old news by now, but Chris Tavares, Glenn Block, and a few others around here have been working with a number of folks from the wider .NET community to create a common wrapper for IoC containers.  Chris & Glenn created a community site ( and shipped it about two weeks…


Acceptance Test Engineering guide Alpha Available

Last night I posted the Alpha version of Acceptance Test Engineering guide – How to Decide if Software is Ready for You or Your Customer to the Acceptance Test Engineering CodePlex community site.  There are 300+ pages of content.  It is still a bit rough, has some gaps in it, and needs some work, but there…


Unit testing SharePoint

Francis has an article on Unit Testing SharePoint 2007 Applications He also did a brownbag talk on this yesterday, which was very interesting and brought up a few big challenges and ways to work around them. Enjoy