What is a "brown-bag talk"?

In past posts, and the recent Unit testing SharePoint post, I have mentioned “brown-bag talks.”  This has spurred emails from non-native English speakers asking me what in the heck a brown-bag talk is… I am not sure if this is a Microsoft term, or a wider industry term (I think I remember it from my…


Unit testing SharePoint

Francis has an article on Unit Testing SharePoint 2007 Applications He also did a brownbag talk on this yesterday, which was very interesting and brought up a few big challenges and ways to work around them. Enjoy


Guidance on SharePoint

You all might be amazed by the number of emails, messages, and calls I get asking for any of the following: Guidance on SharePoint Requests to add SharePoint Guidance to WCSF Requests to add “Office applications” support to SCSF Well, I can finally help out folks looking for guidance on how to build SharePoint applications…


See Real Results With patterns & practices

I visited the p&p homepage on MSDN today, and saw an announcement for a research report by Nucleus Research about patterns & practices, and what companies that use our guidance think the benefits are.  Check out See Real Results With patterns & practices (an overview) and download and read the full report.  As a member…


Acceptance Testing Guide Community Preview 2 Available!

As I have mentioned before in a few posts (Acceptance Test Engineering Guidance, Acceptance Testing Guidance Survey, and Acceptance Testing Guide Update), I am working with a team on guidance around acceptance testing.  We still have a lot of work to do our the guide, but we have made available a second community preview to…


Composite Application Guidance for WPF Shipped!

A while back, I was Dev Lead on the Smart Client Software Factory (SCSF) when we added the ability to host WPF controls in a Composite Application Block (CAB) application. Since then, the thinking in the WPF space has changed a bit, and p&p decided that offering guidance on full WPF applications was a good…


Proof of Concept: a simple DI solution for ASP.NET WebForms

Chris Tavares and I were chatting yesterday morning about an idea Chris had: building a simple, reusable Http Module that gives folks DI scoped to the Application, Session, and Request.  Yesterday afternoon, during the p&p Dev team’s weekly “Code Kata” we threw together a spike/proof of concept in a couple of hours.  “Code Kata” is…


Acceptance Testing Guide Update

The team has been writing, editing, re-writing, and working hard on putting together a guide on Acceptance Testing.  We have made quite a bit of progress, decided on an organization scheme, the basic format of how we want to write each chapter, and have re-worked a lot of content to fit this model.  We recently…


Converting the Composite Web Application Block to Unity – Using the UnityCompositionContainer

This is the sixth post in a series. The other post include: Converting the Composite Web Application Block to Unity – Intro. Converting the Composite Web Application Block to Unity – Adding an ICompositionContainer Converting the Composite Web Application Block to Unity – Clean Up ICompositionContainer Converting the Composite Web Application Block to Unity -…


Acceptance Testing Guidance Survey

We have put together a survey to get a bit more input from the community about Acceptance Testing.  If you are at all involved in software development, deployment, or operations acceptance testing proabably impacts you in some way, shape, or form, so you may want to add your insight to what we are working on….