p&p Team Space Update

While we are still not moved in to the new space, a few folks are using their laptops to camp and it try out.  I acquired a few candid pictures (thanks Steve Elston) to show off the new area. The above picture shows one of the largest workrooms in the space and a few folks (Eugenio…


Old-style Web Projects in VS2005

When I switched from VS2003 to VS2005, there were a few quirks that took some getting used to (and a few I am still adapting to).  One of the biggest changes for me was the new web project structure.  Thankfully, the VS team understood this, and we can get old-style web projects in the new IDE.  Just download the…


Halo3 Trailer

News from E3:  XBox.com has the Halo3 Trailer available to watch. One word: “Yipes” (No, that is not my first word choice, just the edited for TV version) I loved Halo, I enjoyed Halo2 (even though the game and storyline seemed too short).  I’m looking forward to the next installment in the story and another…


p&p Team Space

Today, I only have time for a short note.  Rather than do anything technical, I figured I let people in on what is going on in p&p. A while back, Darrell Snow mentioned the new team-oriented collaboration space that the patterns & practices team was building.  Well, it is just about done, and we will be…


Microsoft patterns & practices DVD

The Microsoft patterns & practices DVDs are now available on the Try Visual Studio 2005 site. Thanks Peter for pointing this out.


Agile 2006 Conference

The Agile Alliance is running the Agile 2006 conference this summer in Minneapolis.  Last year, I attended Agile2005 with a few folks.  We learned a whole lot.  If you are interested in learning more about this crazy Agile stuff (like TDD, Extreme Programming, Scrum) and how to get it to work, check out the conference. 


Visual Studio Express Free Forever

As Brad points out (Visual Studio Express Free Forever), the best IDE for .NET development is now available for free.  This is great news for developers.


Console.WriteLine("Michael says ‘Hello World!’");

So, who is Michael Puleio?  I’m a software developer, Agile Evangelist, and coffee addict.  I’ve been working for Microsoft for about six years, and am currently a member of the patterns & practices team.  At Microsoft, I have also worked with MSNTV (formerly WebTV) and MSN Internet Access. I’ve been coding professionally for over nine…