Guidance on SharePoint

You all might be amazed by the number of emails, messages, and calls I get asking for any of the following:

  • Guidance on SharePoint
  • Requests to add SharePoint Guidance to WCSF
  • Requests to add "Office applications" support to SCSF

Well, I can finally help out folks looking for guidance on how to build SharePoint applications by saying "go check out the CodePlex project for patterns & practices SharePoint Guidance ("  If you are hoping for SharePoint support in WCSF, you should probably check this out too.

Blaine and Francis are leading the effort on this project.  I understand that they are tackling a few big challenges that customers have ranked as the most important including (this list is from the project's Vision Scope slide deck):

  • Unit testing and debugging
  • Packaging and deployment
  • Setting up a team development environment
  • Unclear which SharePoint features/ components to use and when
  • Solution maintenance/upgrade
  • How and when is SharePoint Designer applicable

If you do SharePoint development, you should check it out.

Comments (3)

  1. Ajoy has posted that three of the sessions have been made available online at pnp Summit videos online

  2. Finalmente riesco a mettere live il materiale e i link promessi durante le giornate ai Microsoft TechDays

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