Unit Testing Rules

One of the internal Microsoft discussion lists on unit testing and EDD (TDD) had a thread where a person new to unit testing asked a couple of really good questions.  In response, someone posted a link to an intersting post by Michael Feathers on A Set of Unit Testing Rules

I like these rules, and am going to share them with my team as suggested guidelines to make sure we are consistent. 


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  1. Reading this post from Michael Puleio’s blog I got to this post from Michael Feathers’ blog . In his

  2. Lendo este post do blog do Michael Puleio cheguei a este post do blog do ichael Feathers . Neste post

  3. De uma forma rápida: MAU . Tenho vindo a pensar nisto já há algum tempo, e ler o blog do Michael Puleio

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