Just Released: The First Weekly Drop of the Smart Client Software Factory

I just posted to the SCSF CodePlex community site the SCSF Update Weekly Drop 1.  In this drop, you have the first look at:

  • New Application Blocks. We have ported over four application blocks that were previously available as part of the Mobile Client Software Factory. We may refactor, remove, replace, this code in the future (we value your input), but we currently have the following:

    • Disconnected Agent Application Block. This application block provides management features for execution of Web services from occasionally connected smart clients. With a disconnected service agent, the device can maintain a queue of Web service requests when offline (disconnected) and then replay them when a connection to the server application becomes available.

    • Connection Monitor Application Block. This application block monitors and exposes the available connections and the associated networks.

    • Endpoint Catalog Application Block. This application block provides features to expose the physical addresses and other details of remote services.

    • Data Access Application Block. This application block provides support for SQL Server Compact Edition. This application block will be replaced when the factory migrates to the next version of Enterprise Librar 

  • QuickStart. This drop includes a QuickStart to demonstrate use of the Disconnected Agent Application Block.

Here is the plan we had for the iteration, what we got accomplished, and what was not complete, with comments in italics:



  • Migrate Create Foundational Module Recipe to Recipe Framework

  • Migrate Add View with Presenter Recipe to Recipe Framework

  • Recipes compile and work after being registered

We completed the recipes, but due to build dependency issues, we pulled them from the drop.



  • Finish the Disconnect Service Agent Quickstart

  • Config to Attach Endpoint to a connection 1 day

  • Move the Endpoint Catalog to the Disconnected Service Agent

  • Use the EntLib 3.0 SQL CE Data Access Block with the Disconnected Service Agent Almost, but not quite there

Subscription Manager

  • Review the Subscription Manager responsibilities We had a short conversation, but not enough to create good stories for next week.

Release Notes

  • Create release notes to highlight what is in the weekly drop  - the blurb about the drop above is directly from the Release Notes. 🙂


  • Write Functional test for Offline block - Partially done.

  • Code review of the Offline Application block - Partially Done

  • Test the migrated SCSF recipes


It was a good week, and we all feel good about what was accomplished.  I'm annoyed we had to cut about half of the work we did, but I'd rather do that than have folks disappointed that something does not work quite right. Next week, we will scale back our estimates of what we can do (using the "yesterday's weather" approach to planning), and after our planning meeting, post the plan to the SFSC R2 Iterations section of the SCSF community wiki page.


Enjoy the weekend...

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  1. Sam Gentile says:

    Ah Saturday morning where we can sleep in, ah no wait…I have kids to wake me up at the crack of dawn…

  2. Take a look at our SCSF’s first weekly drop . In Mike Puleio’s blog , he outlines what was accomplished

  3. Ah Saturday morning where we can sleep in, ah no wait…I have kids to wake me up at the crack of dawn… Software Architecture The PAG folks continue to deliver their goodness with their first weekly drop of the new version of the Smart Client Software

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