Wrapping up the Web Client Software Factory

The entire team and I have been heads down and working very hard to get the first release of the Web Client Software Factory done.  While we still have some work to do, we are getting close to a release.

This week's drop on CodePlex is an MSI, rather than a ZIP file of the source code.  This is a big change, and shows how close we are to being done with v1.0.

A few weeks ago, Eugenio posted about some of the changes to the Guidance Package we are creating.  The preview feature is great, so you can see what changes to the solution will be made before they are done.



[Update: Of course, after I posted, I noticed that Eugenio has already posted about this weeks' release. ]

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  1. logic says:

    What happened  to VB port?? Any plans??



  2. mpuleio says:

    If you head over to our community site on CodePlex ( http://www.codeplex.com/websf ), you can vote on including this in the next release.  Just go to http://www.codeplex.com/websf/WorkItem/List.aspx

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