Front Page of the Seattle Times!

This morning, I was sitting in a local coffee shop, drinking a latte, and I checked my email on my phone since I was expecting a response from someone.  In my inbox was an email from Keith Pleas (the organizer of the p&p Summit) that the Seattle Times online had an article that highlighted p&p. …


Developing a ASP .NET Control with client capabilities

Brian J. Cardiff ( from Clarius Consulting) is one of the developers on the Web Client team.  He has asked me to post an article for him, since he does not have a blog (yet). Here it is (with some re-formatting): Developing a ASP .NET Control with client capabilities (using ASP .NET Ajax Extensions support)…


The future of WPF Guidance

There is a lot of new information, all announced today, about the future of Acropolis, CAB, and WPF guidance from patterns & practices.  This comes about after a lot of internal discussions between the patterns & practices Client / User Experience team and the Acropolis team. If you want to know what is going on,…


Clarification on Changes in CWAB’s Dependency Injection

David Hayden recently posted (ObjectBuilder WorkItem – Just Implement Windsor Features), in which he misunderstood one of my comments about the changes in DI that were made in CWAB: On a similar note, Michael Puleio seems almost apologetic in his post about breaking changes in the Composite Web Application Block with regard to dependency injection…


WCSF: Insights and Plans

There have been a lot of posts recently about WCSF, spurred on by our recent releases.  Here are a few highlights with my comments about each: Developer Hands-on Labs available for WCSF June 2007 Release – Blaine These have been on the back burner.  They had been "almost" done for quite a while, and are…


More Web Client bundles shipped

Yesterday, we posted the Composite Web Client Library and the Composite Web Client Automation bundles. The Composite Web Client Library bundle is the source code and binaries (strong named and signed) for the Composite Web Application Block, and a few other useful libraries, including sample ASP.NET AJAX extender controls.  A few of the big changes…


Breaking Changes in the Composite Web Application Block

With the initial January release of the Web Client Software Factory, and with the subsequent June update, we received a lot of feedback. Some of this feedback was good, some was not as good, and some of the feedback was feature requests. We actually took this feedback, and have made changes to both what we…


Ade Miller has a new Blog

One of my fellow developers here at patterns & practices has moved his blog to a new location: Ade has surprising bits of wisdom, having joined patterns & practices almost a year ago, after leaving Visual Studio Tools for Office.  Ade’s been leading the Web Service Software Factory team for their next release (due…


Unit testing is evolving

Jim Newkirk (of nUnit fame and one of the Microsoft folks behind ) has been blogging about unit testing in forever ( most recently: Why you should not use Setup and Teardown in NUnit ).  Now, Jim and Brad Wilson are putting action to his words and codifying lessons learned over the years by…


The Contextual AutoComplete Guidance Bundle is Available on CodePlex

Yesterday, we quietly released the Contextual AutoComplete Bundle on CodePlex.  It is available on the WCSF Releases page, which links to the release here. This is the first of the bundles mentioned in my other post about vNext.