Announcing the Web Client Software Factory

I am the Lead Developer on the Web Client Software Factory team here at patterns & practices.  After a bit of time working with a number of customers (to ensure we were dealing with relevant problems that people face in the real world), we have started development and publicly announced the project.  This week we have released our first weekly community drop to CodePlex.

If you write web clients, you may want to check this out, see where we are headed, and offer input.  This is still very early in development, so there is not much functionality yet.  However, there is a solid structure and a good skeleton to work from.

You may also want to check out a few other projects that I have mentioned before to get a feel for what will be delivered. Here is the list of all the software factories that p&p is or has worked on:

Comments (4)

  1. The Client team at patterns and practices released

    the Smart Client Software

    Factory two months…

  2. mpuleio says:

    Matias, I guess I was not clear.  That list is a list of projects that are either released or under development.

    To clarify, these projects have a release already out:

     The Smart Client Software Factory

     The Mobile Client Software Factory

     The Web Service Software Factory

    And these projects are under development:

     The Web Client Software Factory

     The Web Service Software Factory Release 2

  3. Nikola Malovic says:

    Awesome! I am focused on CAB and SCSF for quite some time, so I’m sure this would be also great

    And the thing which is making me extra happy that all of my time spent on CAB and SCSF could be a kind of training for WCSF as well, considering the fact that they are followingg the same principles

    You people rocks!

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