Breaking News: Agile Works!

This article’s introduction caught my eye: Survey Says: Agile Works in Practice.

IN A PRESENTATION at the Rational Software Developers Conference, Ivar Jacobson summed it up well with "These days, to say that you're not agile is the equivalent of saying that you're not potent."

This intrigued me enough to read the whole thing. Scott Ambler goes on to present some interesting data.  A simple list of percentages from the summary says it all:

Agile Adoption Rates

A March 2006 survey of 4232 IT professionals shows:

  • 65 percent work in organizations that have adopted one or more agile development techniques
  • 41 percent work in organizations that have adopted one or more agile methodologies
  • 60 percent report increased productivity
  • 66 percent report increased quality
  • 58 percent report improved stakeholder satisfaction

Interesting.  Of course, this is what we (crazy agile evangelists 🙂 ) have been saying for a while.

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  1. C++ guy says:

    > A March 2006 survey of 4232 IT professionals shows:

    Not true.  The survey was sent out to the combined mailing lists from Dr. Dobb’s Journal and Software Development.  I’ll bet you a dollar that’s more tha 4232 people.

    All this survey shows is that people who like Agile development also like to fill in and mail back surveys more than those who don’t care for Agile development.

  2. mitchl says:

    Two thoughts that come to mind:

    1 – the ignorant bastard who does not fill out a survey because his job is terrible and he has no morale or passion for what he does:  “We do not implement Agile because there are so few successful cases in the world”.

    2 – the enlightened bastard who does fill out a survey because he does care about his job and company, growing his skills and the skills of others he works with and has tremendous amounts of passion for his work: "We do not implement Waterfall because there are so many documented failed projects in the world" (see Standish Group Chaos Reports)

    C++ guy, pull off of the highway of life, the rest of us want to pass you, and your legacy code, right on by.

  3. C++ guy says:

    Boy, you guys are fanatics.

  4. mpuleio says:

    I would not use the word "fanatic."  I’d say we were open-minded people, who overcame our fear and tried something new.  Now we are professionals who have more experiences and information to draw upon. Those experiences have made us believers in a few simple principles that help people work well as a team.

  5. mitchl says:

    And I don’t like filling out surveys – takes away from delivering customer value.  🙂

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