Wes Haggard has created a great little utility for running apps – Run++. I’ve started using WIN-R more and more often, and this is a great replacement. I love being able to shorten down all the programs I run regularly to one or two letters. This is a great free alternative to ActiveWords.


Simplicity vs Customization

My last Outlook as Organizer post about GMail like functionality got me thinking about the differences between Google and Microsoft. Google’s biggest strength seems to be simplicity – their search is simple, their mail is simple, their news is simple. Plus of course, they all work. Outlook is an example of a program that sacrifices…


Outlook as Organizer – GMail labels in Outlook

Thanks to everyone who provided comments and feedback in my first Outlook as Organizer post. In my first response to comments from that post, I’m going to explain how you can set up Outlook to organize your email in the same way that GMail labels work. In the GMail system, instead of filing your mail in a…


Outlook as Organizer

As of a couple months ago, Outlook is my current organizer of choice. I’ve decided to start eating my own dogfood (I’m a developer working on Outlook). It’s been an eye-opening experience so far, and I hope I can share some of the things I’m learning in this blog. First, a little about where I’m…


Urgent vs. Important

In my first post, I discussed the different views of your daily tasks that can exist, and how they can be used. Two really useful views for tasks would be to sort them by either importance or urgency. The original FranklinQuest system had the prioritized daily task list, which was really a combination of the…


Easily flagging urgent mail items automatically

I recently responded to a request on an internal mailing list for an easy way to flag items automatically with date and time. The user wanted to know how to ensure that he didn’t forget an urgent item that he couldn’t attend to that very instant. He had been going through the steps of: Right-click…


Daily Tasks

I’ve been thinking recently about daily tasks. I use Outlook and my Palm (standard ToDo app) and don’t currently use daily tasks in either one. In my Palm I follow David Allen’s advice to have next actions with no due date, so all my categories, except tickler, don’t use a due date. I’ve set Outlook…