Free Microsoft Virtual Server

Web service developers are often using virtual servers to setup a virtual netwrk of services.  Well now you can get Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2 for free.    -Matt

Common WSE Kerberos Problem

Mark Fussell discusses a common problem when using WSE 3.0 and Kerberos security.  He answers the following question: I need advice with WSE 3.0 and implementing a web service that requires a Kerberos token. It seems that my simple web service and Windows client should be straight-forward but I’m not able to get past the…

Channel 9: WCF Interop Plug-Fest

Kirill Gavrylyuk and Jorgen Thelin talk about the WCF interop Plug-Fest  on Channel 9 where WS-* implementations from different vendors are tested to make sure they work with one another.  Don’t miss it.    -Matt

William Tay Writes about Securing WCF

William Tay just published the second article in a two part series on WCF over on The ServerSide.NET.  This one on Securing WCF Services.  Check it out.    -Matt

Content Strategist Wanted!

I’m currently looking for a Content Strategist to work on my team here at MSDN.  If you want to be the face of Microsoft to the developer community on the biggest developer web site in the world, let me know. Although I currently have holes on the C#, .NET Framework, WinFX and SQL developer centers,…

Windows Communication Foundation CTP

If you haven’t already heard, the WinFX January CTP released a couple days ago.  You can find more information here.    -Matt

Update to WSERM for WSE 3.0 Available

We just posted an update to the WS-ReliableMessaging sample code that George Copeland wrote that works with the RTM bits of WSE 3.0.  George posted his original code with the initial CTP release of WSE 3.0.  The new version works with the RTM versions of the .NET Framework 2.0 and WSE 3.0.    -Matt


With the Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server 2005 and BizTalk Server 2006 launch, MSDN made a few changes too… For starters, with a new product like Visual Studio 2005 we assume that most people are either going to want to download the shipping version or figure out just what is in the new version so…