Great Time at TechEd

I had a great time at TechEd last week.  I loved all the people I met and talked to.  I talked to a bunch of potential authors for the MSDN Web Services Developer Center and generally had a great time in the evenings. I was quite happy with the level of talks on developing Web services.  I…

Web Services = end of platform integration costs

CNet has an article on ZapThink’s latest report on the demise of companies paying consultants big integration fees because Web services will make integration a non-issue.  ZapThink is a big fan of Web services and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) but I think their analysis is on target even if they seem a little overly committed…


MS SQL Server is climbing

Interesting sales results for Microsoft SQL Server.  I wonder if this is a sign that the tech economy will improve.  I remember a few years back when the rest of the economy was faltering, the tech economy did well because people reasoned that they can gain efficiencies by spending tech dollars that will save them…


UDDI 2.0 is Ratified

With so much happening based on UDDI 3.0 it seems a little strange that UDDI 2.0 is ratified. But hey…progress is progress.

TechEd is coming!

I have been planning on attending TechEd for months and blissfully had blown off making any real preparations for the trip.  After a week long episode sick at home and realizing we are half way through May I finally made my arrangements today. I’ll be spending quite a bit of time doing booth duty while…



In my next column I’m writing about how to deal with problems when calling Web services from .aspx pages.  Some of the technical content for this article is based off information that was provided by Lance Olson, a program manager in the XML messaging group here at MSFT.  In particular he points out the use…

Changes at MSDN has gone through a significant look and feel change on the homepage and there are *5* New Developer Centers (vstudio, vb, c#, c++, .net framework) to add to the two originals (web services, architecture). The homepage design is radically different and was chosen based off a reader’s poll.


At Your Service: XmlElement

My latest column went up on using XmlElement parameters in ASP.NET Web Services.


WS-Reliability vs. WS-ReliableMessaging

I’ve spent some time looking over the WS-Reliability and WS-ReliableMessaging specs recently and reading what people have to say about them.  Dave Chappell seems to be the most outspoken person on the Oasis TC and seems to genuinely care about pulling all the different folks together on the topic.  See his article about the current…

Getting Started

Welcome to my little world in blogland.  Scott was kind enough to set me up.  I am the Content Strategist for the Web Services Developer Center on MSDN (see Sites of Interest).  What I hope to include here are the interesting pieces of fodder that come across my screen with regard to Web services as…