Is it just me?

Is it just me or has this year’s daylight savings seemed to effect people more than others? Maybe because of a combination of some recent travel, some late nights/early mornings working on some big events, a number of extended family members experiencing physical hardships, or the fact that spring has started to hit the northwest and…


Emerson College Musical Theatre Audition

Audition #2 in the ongoing effort for my daughter Katie to get into a top notch Musical Theatre program.  Last weekend it was Emerson College in Boston.  This has always been at the top of my daughter’s list, partially because last summer she met someone who went who really liked it, and partially because she is…


Carnegie Mellon Musical Theatre

My oldest daughter, Katie, is a senior in high school and therefore is applying to various colleges across the country.  She is a pretty talented actor, singer and dancer so she is trying to get into a first rate theatre program, and in particular is trying to get into a musical theatre program.  This weekend…


Air bags + basketballs

My wife was in an accident last night.  Someone turned left on a two lane road right in front of her.  She hit the back end of their car at a high enough speed that the air bags deployed.  She was in the car with three kids (two of ours and one carpooler).  Everyone was…



This is very cool.  If for some reason you haven’t heard of Photosynth yet, you have to check it out. There was a James Bond movie many years ago where in the movie they had a picture of a freighter of some sort that was linked to the evil doings of one of the 007…


A few Commercial Real Estate Terms

I mentioned in my earlier post that I have been learning about the Commercial Real Estate business due to my involvement in trying to get a Masonic Lodge built.  I am by no means an expert but here are a few terms I have learned in trying to get a grasp of the market in rentable…


Commercial Real Estate

I’m a member of a Masonic Lodge that meets in a lodge building in Edmonds, WA.  We don’t own the building, another lodge does and we rent their lodge to hold our meetings in their building twice a month. Our lodge has existed like that for more than 30 years. About 12 years ago we…


IE7 Ships!

Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP shipped tonight! Get the download and check out all the details at the IE developer center on MSDN ( In my birthday post yesterday, this was the cool thing that I was referring to that would happen on my birthday. Blow out candles and install IE7.  The perfect birthday….



One of my sons was born on Christmas.  There was an abruption (this isn’t good) and so it kind of put a damper on opening presents when instead we rushed Cindy to the hospital as fast as we could.  We named him Nole, since he was born on Christmas.  Get it?  It’s kinda a dislexic…


Sign-up for ASP.NET Connections in Las Vegas

Time is getting short for folks to sign-up for ASP.NET Connections from Nov. 6 – 9th in Las Vegas.  Microsoft is promising some exciting announcements at the show and you will be able to attend the sessions at the simultaneous Visual Studio, SQL Server, SharePoint, Office and Mobile Connections for free. Spots are filling up…