Bloggers Page on Webservices Developers Center

Being the Content Strategist for the MSDN Web Services Developer Center, one of the things I am responsible for is the list of bloggers that I have in the community section.  This page has not been updated as much as it could and I have to admit that it a bit self-serving to put my…


Rant: Don’t return XML in string variables!

I have probably seen a half a dozen article submissions to MSDN in the last year with authors who do the following: // Bad Bad Bad[WebMethod]public string MyLameWebMethod(){    XmlDocument dom = new XmlDocument();    // load some XML …    return dom.OuterXml;} and then on the client side they do this: // Bad bad badlocalhost.Service1 proxy =…


Alyssa’s First Application

My 13 year old daughter, Alyssa, has shown a little more interest in the computer than her older sister and she seemed like she might be a good candidate for pulling into the world-o-programming so I ran down to the company store the other day and bought her a copy of VC#.  She dutifully installed…


Three gallons

At lunch today I gave blood.  The lady who setup my appointment said I should make sure and pick up my 3 gallon pin (which means I’ve donated more than 24 times).  I actually earned it at my last donation, but figured I would save them the expense of giving me a pin – and…


The Hallowed Halls of MSDN

Chris Sells gives a tour on Channel 9 of the hallowed halls of MSDN.  Catch the show here.   But in order to make sure you were paying attention and since its a topic near and dear to my heart, take out your pencils and a sheet of paper and answer the following pop quiz…


Wanted: VB Content Strategist

Congratulations to Duncan for the life-changing event.  But Duncan has decided to make another change as well and will be moving into a full-time development position here within MSDN (although I believe we will still be hearing from him in the way of articles and blog entries).  This means that I am looking for someone…


WS-* Specifications: Are there too many and are they too complex?

Tim Bray and others have questioned the plethora of WS-* specifications.  Tim says: I still think the WS-* stack is bloated, opaque, and insanely complex.  I think it’s going to be hard to understand, hard to implement, hard to interoperate, and hard to secure. and then states how he wants to be the loyal opposition…


WS-Security Interop: This is a Big Deal

Last week we published Simon’s new Web Services Interop page.  He published a total of 3 articles on Web services interoperability.  I held off headlining one of them on the MSDN Web Services Developer Center.  Not because it wasn’t important…it is very important.  But because I wanted to make a big splash about the Interop page and I…


The Line System

Sara’s post reminded me of Duncan’s post which reminded me that I wanted to blog on my own New Years resolution.  Yes, the weight thing. I thought about all the popular diets out there or joining a health club but I have a very busy life and an exercise program which involved me driving a…


Test Drive VS .NET to build a Web Service

Kent just posted a Visual Studio .NET simulator to walk viewers through three common tasks including building a Web service. This is pretty cool for beginners who would like to try out Visual Studio .NET but do not want to install it on their machines.    -Matt