Air bags + basketballs

My wife was in an accident last night.  Someone turned left on a two lane road right in front of her.  She hit the back end of their car at a high enough speed that the air bags deployed.  She was in the car with three kids (two of ours and one carpooler).  Everyone was fine except my 11 year old son who was in the front passenger seat.  They were heading to basketball practice and he had his ball in his lap.  They airbag smashed it into his face and he had some pretty bad abrasians, general face swelling and a scratched cornea.  Nothing broken...not even his nose.  His face is pretty swollen but he should be fine in a couple days.  Apparently eyes heal quickly too.  I imagine he will have some good black and blue colors over a lot of his face in the coming days, but in a week or two he should be completely back to normal.  Thank God.

I've seen warnings about kids being in the front seats of cars because of possible air bag injuries.  My son is well past the normal weight limits of those warnings.  I've also heard cautions about having loose items in your car.  But how often do you have a book or some other item in your lap when you are a passenger in a car.  I guess the good news is that the injuries were relatively minor even if he would have been better off without an airbag or a basketball in the car.

BTW: Everyone in the car was wearing a seatbelt.  This would not be nearly as happy an ending if anyone was not.


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