MTOM reaches W3C Recommendation

Congratulations to everyone involved in the MTOM effort.  Today it became an official W3C Recommendation.

This is now the standardized way to send binary data within a SOAP message.  Hopefully we will have supported implementations soon.


Comments (3)

  1. Synic says:

    I take it you won’t be blogging about how MS is going to embrace and extend this one?

  2. mabtech says:


    From looking at the spec I see nothing that I consider substantially different than what ahs been in the MIME note from years ago. All I see is a "data" element in the body that describes the remaining parts.

    Can you offer any comments on what is optimized?

    Also any time frame that MTOM will be supported in .net? WSE 3?

  3. Codah says:

    Its about time. Anyone tried sending large amounts of information via soap with plain old XML. Love seeing small 1mb delimited Datasets blow up to 19mb when in Xml Format. All i can say is HURRY UP with your Standardized Embedded binary XML format. Talk about missing out on the important stuff from the word go. sheesh

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