National Weather (Web) Service

NOAA is doing XML!  It does my heart well to see our government going the SOAP route.  Get your official NOAA forecast.

And as Kent mentions, although they are SOAP, they decided they would use RPC/Encoded instead of Document/Literal.  Oh well.  At least they aren't encoding their XML as a string.


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  1. Steve Maine says:

    While it’s great to see them going down the SOAP route, I was a little bit upset to see that they don’t really define a schema for their results. The operations I looked at return big blobs of XML as xs:string. It would be nice to get some more visibility into those results…but some SOAP is definitely better than no SOAP at all 🙂

  2. Some time ago I published ASP.NET user control that uses NOAA Web service. Dowloadable from here

  3. Roger Cutler says:

    I’m having a heck of a time getting through our proxy server. To be more specific, this article ( to imply that it should "just work" because it should pick up the proxy settings from IE — but it doesn’t "just work". And I’ve tried, more or less, making an explicit proxy object as illustrated in ( and have not been successful doing this either. And I tried editing my machine.config to point explicitly to our proxy server. No SOAP. (heh, heh)

    Any suggestions?

  4. Simon says:

    I really hope you figured out your proxy issue. I can’t get connected to the service using .net. It hang during NDFDgen. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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