It’s Here! WSE 2.0 SP2

Today Microsoft released Service Pack 2 for Web Services Enhancements 2.0Update your install today.  For those who grabbed the SP2 pre-release, there are some small changes in the final version so you will want to make sure you get the final (the pre-release is no longer available).  Check out the "Changes for This Release" section in the Readme.

Here's my top 3 list of new features:

  • You can configure what version of WSE 2 that you want your messages to be compatible with (RTM, SP1, SP2).  On the receiving end WSE can deal with whatever version is sent it.
  • Encrypting UsernameTokens is now the default.
  • Better Kerberos support

Also, the documentation has been updated and is available online.


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  1. G. Man says:

    Is it just me or is everyone else sick and tired of WSE and WS-extensions.

    I mean, the stock web services do the job for 99% of the developers out there. And there is SO much time, money, energy, and attention focused on that puny 1%. I just don’t understand it. Is it because everyone is still so enamored with the XML and web services concept? I thought we would be over this by now.

    Surely there is something better to do with the time.

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