More Random Good Stuff from Don

Don digs into more ins and outs of manipulating ASMX Web methods to do what you want. A pretty neat list of tricks to keep around.    -Matt


WSE 2.0 and Whidbey?

Hervey reports that w/ the upcoming SP2 release of WSE 2.0 that some of the problems with running WSE 2.0 on beta .NET Framework 2.0 have been addressed.    -Matt


The Universal Webmethod

Don Box posted the Universal Webmethod for ASMX Web services (gives you the SOAP body of the request and response messages as raw XML elements – headers too). I once wrote about this general concept but never spelled out how to control both incoming and outgoing messages like this. Good stuff,    -Matt


SoapMail for WSE 2.0

We had an article on MSDN a few months ago which used WSE to send SOAP messages over SMTP (affectionately called SoapMail).  That article was written with the Tech Preview of WSE 2.0.  When the released version of WSE 2.0 came out, we removed all the Tech Preview content.  Most we have republished with versions…


MTOM goes to Proposed Recommendation  So roughly 4 weeks until it is final.    -Matt



John created!  I can see this being a great resource for WSE developers although it is still a little sparse at this early stage (although I’ve noticed that it is getting better).  And if a FAQ is too one-way for you, check out the wiki that goes with it.  You are, of course, encouraged to…


Mark Takes over WSE

Mark Fussell, former program manager for the System.Xml namespace, has moved over to be the program manager for WSE.  He’s looking for feedback on features of WSE 3.0.    -Matt