Off to the XML Developers Conference

I'm jumping in my car and driving down to Chris's XML Developers Conference this afternoon.  I attended last year and will be sure to bring my xpath t-shirt.

I should make it to the get together tonight (assuming traffic is not too bad and no nearby volcanoes explode).

This is actually a bit of a homecoming for me since my grandparents lived in the bustling town of White Salmon (and the adjacent bustling town of Bingen) which are just up the river a little ways from Stevenson where the conference is being held.  My grandfather ran the lumbermill in Bingen.  The lumbermill was owned by the Stevenson family for which this little berg is named.  My mother used to babysit the Stevenson boys who have branched out a little from their fathers lumbermill-only business.  The last I heard, they owned the Blue Mountain Ski Resort outside of Walla Walla (another bustling town).  They also happened to invest in a first class resort in, of all places, Stevenson.  This happens to be exactly where the conference is and so I'm looking forward to it.  I've stayed in the lodge a couple times for family reunions and so forth and it is a nice setup.

And to think that this ol' lumber country will for a couple days be the center of the XML world!

I'm imagining many years from now when my grandkids end up coming to Redmond for a conference on instantaneous human transport.  "That's where my grandpa used to sit in front of a screen and use a keyboard!" they will guffaw. 

Hope I'll still be around.


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