There is only one program…and it is still being written

I'm currently sitting in Doug Purdy's Web services versioning talk here at TechEd.  The fact that we are here with Doug reminded a few of us of his earlier talk where he philosophized on the connectivity of applications.  Apparently he will be talking a bit more about that concept in this talk.  The phrase describing this concept is:

There is only one program ... and it is still being written.

That left us to wonder: boy, that must be some kind of license agreement. 🙂

And of course ... it is still be written.


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  1. That is similar to how I have been explaining what I do for the last 3 or 4 years. I say I write programs for "The Computer" and that there is only 1 computer, the machines we sit at are our access points to that One Computer.

    I think we’ll call it "Skynet" or "The Matrix" one day.

  2. Lucifer says:

    I like this Unity idea.

    We are really all one, anyway.

    I am in you.. embedded by way of DNA.. this thing you call life and the points of awareness you call an "individual" are but endpoints of a singular being with a one to many awareness schema….


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