Top 10 Kent Resolutions

Since Kent won't tell us what his resolution is, unlike others of us who did (and I know I personally have suffered the humiliation of limited success in my resolutionary regard), I have come up with my own list of possible Kent Sharkey resolutions.

Kent's top ten resolution possibilities:

10. Resolve to change nameplate on door to Kent “October“ Sharkey
9.   Resolve to stop bursting out of bed at 6:00am belting out a hearty rendition of Oh Canada
8.   Resolve to stop saying to his wife, “Home, James“ every time she picks him up in the car
7.   Resolve to quit coming up with baudy meanings for the acronym PHP
6.   Resolve to quit referring to Duncan as “my precious”
5.   Resolve to invest in a latte stand on the corner of 156th and 40th
4.   Resolve to finally get that “.NET Connected” tattoo that he's been wanting for all these years
3.   Resolve to walk more than 15 feet at a Microsoft conference without someone he knows from a previous experience stop him for a lengthy conversation
2.   Resolve to quit asking Scott Guthrie how Woody is doin'

and Kent Sharkey's number one resolution possibility is...

1.   Resolve to quit sending taunting email to the Excel development team saying he could do better with a datagrid control, a six-pack of beer and twenty-four hours.

BTW: I haven't noticed anything different about Kent.



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