The Hallowed Halls of MSDN

Chris Sells gives a tour on Channel 9 of the hallowed halls of MSDN.  Catch the show here.


But in order to make sure you were paying attention and since its a topic near and dear to my heart, take out your pencils and a sheet of paper and answer the following pop quiz on The Halls of MSDN Trivia.


1. According to Chris, what does PAG stand for?

2. What does PAG really stand for?

Extra Credit: Of the 100 people that make up MSDN, how many of those people are part of PAG?

3. What kind of drink is located on the shelf directly below the talking rain?

4. Why isn't Sara Williams in her office?

5. What is visible on the corner of the desk directly above John Serna's right shoulder?

6. When Chris says, "Tim's gone," who is he referring to?

7. What shape is immediately below Rangan's nameplate on his door?

8. What language is Saratoga being developed in?

9. What is on the left wall in Karla the admin's office?

10. What stylish piece of clothing is Sara wearing in the picture of her when she was 11?

11. What is Chris wearing on his head on his poster?

12. What does the small sign say immediately above Shawn Morrisey's nameplate?

13. How can you tell Steve Kirk is an architect?

14. Who was meeting with Kent Sharkey and Brian Johnson?

Extra Credit: Whose office is just past Kent's?


I'll post the answers in a couple days.

Comments (9)

  1. Kent Sharkey says:

    Last extra credit – you mean the office Chris and Robert snubbed?

    TTFN – Kent

    PS: Hint for #7 – Rangan (and Lowell) office is my old office, and I was too lazy to take it off the door when I moved.

  2. I’m glad you didn’t ask them about the graphic on the hallway window of Frank Redmond’s office that the cameraman started to linger on before moving away.

  3. Lowell Meyer says:

    Rangan and I would like to note that we’re glad Kent was lazy, as it’s a rather nice door adornment.

    And about the graphic ‘graphic’ in Frank’s window… I’ve been staring across the hall at it long enough now that I’m actually starting to crave some of the beverage he’s offering.

  4. Matt's boss says:

    extra credit for Matt when he learns to spell his boss’s name properly…B-)

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