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I indicated earlier that we published the WS-Eventing spec on Tuesday.  This turned out to be quite an effort because of the storm in the area which left everyone at home.  Light snow was better than the freezing rain we received the next night on everyone’s connectivity and power so Internet access was not a problem.  However, VPN access to the MS corporate network was a bit iffy since approximately 10,000 MS employees were all trying to gain access.  Kudos to Mark Olwick and Jason Sacks for getting this done and propped on time in what turned out to be one of our smoother publications.

Omri chimed in on his love for WS-Eventing and where it fits into the bigger picture so definitely check this piece out.  If I can just get Omri to submit this kind of thing to MSDN so we can publish it on the giant machine that is the MS.COM Web Farm, I would be a happy man.  I think he is currently publishing his blog on his own dime which leaves a bit to be desired in the availability department.

While I’m linking to Omri’s blog, you will also want to check out the nice entry he wrote on the roles of WSE and Indigo and how you should be thinking about them.

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  1. Jacques Talbot says:

    WS-Eventing fits quite nicely with the previous WS-Adressing and WS-RM but I wonder why the

    overall agenda remains "to be guessed between the lines".

    During the last 18 months or so, the WS community is trying to reinvent a MOM with queues

    and topics (to use a JMS vocabulary) and associated semantics once&only_once.

    This is a very good objective since we need the MOM semantics (asynchronous, reliable) in

    an interoperable standard open world (JMS is not so).

    So now with WS-Adressing, WS-Eventing and WS-RM we have a decent interoprable MOM.

    I think it would be much clearer for many people if this objective

    was stated up-front, so that one can use some

    existing mental model to understand where WS- is going.

    In this context, it is a real problem that IBM decided to opt out

    and also that "the other camp" esp. Sun and Oracle are not there since in this specific

    case they have nothing to loose, (only to converge the two specs for reliability, these

    two are really ridiculous).

    For the other part of the WS battlefield, BPEL vs WSCI, long transactions …, we can

    understand that the two camps want to fight, and we, as users, can wait since we can live

    without a standard for a while.

    On the contrary, for what regards the "WS-MOM", we need this NOW to make serious

    applications, so we need industry convergence. Let’s convey this message to the big

    players …

    What do you think? Teamlog – France

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