And Speaking of WSDL…

How many jokes have a WSDL as a punchline? minOccurs = ‘1’    -Matt


Will the real WSDL please stand up?

William T points out some gaffs from different sites on what WSDL really stands for.  As I read through it, I cringed waiting for MSDN to show up.  Luckily William was kind to us, but I felt compelled to search our site for “Web Services Definition Language” (the ‘D’ actually stands for Description).  Doh!  5…


Lesson Learned: Don’t Fiddle with your Tablet Pen

During my weekly meeting with my boss (the best time to do stupid things, don’t you think?) I had my tablet pc in hand and was taking a few notes w/ the pen.  We got into a discussion of one sort or another when suddenly, SNAP!  As I’m akin to do with normal pens, I…


Taking the Dentist Thing One Step Further

Chris’ post on trauma at the dentist reminded me of my mother’s recent experience – not with the dentist actually, but with the evil little tools of torture they use (this post is not for the squeamish). My mom is undergoing chemotherapy (nasty pills that burn your fingers if you hold them too long -…


National Weather (Web) Service

NOAA is doing XML!  It does my heart well to see our government going the SOAP route.  Get your official NOAA forecast. And as Kent mentions, although they are SOAP, they decided they would use RPC/Encoded instead of Document/Literal.  Oh well.  At least they aren’t encoding their XML as a string.    -Matt


Hands on Labs for WSE –Also in VB!!!

Hidden deep on the WSE page of the MSDN Web Services Developer Center are two Hands On Labs for getting up to speed with WSE around messaging and using policy to implement secure Web services.  These are great ways to get your feet wet with WSE and dig pretty darn deep into the capabilities WSE…

It’s Here! WSE 2.0 SP2

Today Microsoft released Service Pack 2 for Web Services Enhancements 2.0.  Update your install today.  For those who grabbed the SP2 pre-release, there are some small changes in the final version so you will want to make sure you get the final (the pre-release is no longer available).  Check out the “Changes for This Release”…


More Random Good Stuff from Don

Don digs into more ins and outs of manipulating ASMX Web methods to do what you want. A pretty neat list of tricks to keep around.    -Matt

WSE 2.0 and Whidbey?

Hervey reports that w/ the upcoming SP2 release of WSE 2.0 that some of the problems with running WSE 2.0 on beta .NET Framework 2.0 have been addressed.    -Matt