MSDN and Atomic Energy

I was reading through the stats feature for my blog that Scott put together.  One of the referrering pages was and it said it was referring to my post on changes at MSDN.


Comments (3)

  1. We all get those for many different posts. Not exactly sure why, but it looks almost like a glitch or spam or something.

  2. Dylan Greene says:

    I get them in my referer log too ( I block them out as I think it’s spam… but what a strange organization to spam.

  3. Philip Rieck says:

    This is an email harvester spider for a spam application called "Atomic Harvester 2000". I won’t link to them as they are evil.

    I block it too. You’ll notice that the user agent is something like NS4 on Mac for all of these requests. (at least it was for us)

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