Busy Times

I've been pretty busy for the last few weeks on a number of things:

  1. WSE 2.0 Tech preview released and my article on the subject also went live.
  2. Applied XML Developers Conference was a blast and some very interesting discussions were generated.
  3. I'm off on Monday to speak in New Orleans at Microsoft's MGB (MSFT internal conference).  The topic is designing Web services.
  4. My long overdue column was finally completed on performance considerations for calling Web services from ASPX pages.  It should be published next week.
  5. The update to the MSDN Web Services Developer Center functionally meant re-building the entire site from scratch (albeit with some nice tools to help me along the way).
  6. The WS-federation specs were released and involved a lot of work from MSDN.
  7. It is review time here at Microsoft: this means that everyone is trying to meet any unfinished goals that they may not have met.  This means that a lot of Web service content has been funneled MSDN's way during the last month so that people can say they completed their goals on their review.  We are pretty much at the end of the wave now, but we probably saw somewhere in the neighborhood of 1000 pages of content passed to us for technical review in the last month.

I'll be taking a week and a half of vacation in early August.  I'll be ready.

Comments (2)

  1. Matt,

    in artcle "Programming with Web Services Enhancements 2.0", you mentioned it is for Win 2003 or for XP in Applies to heading.

    But in WSE2.0 downloads, they mentined that we can use this Win2000 with SP3.

    Is there any special reason that you did not mentioned Win2000. Just now I installed WSE2.0 and got this question while reading your article.

  2. Matt Powell says:

    The Kerberos Token support will not work on Win2000. However, most of the other features of WSE 2.0 will still work.

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