WS-Security meets Kerberos

Microsoft and IBM released the Web Services Security Kerberos Binding specification Friday.  This was a long time in the making and it might be where you would say that WS-Security meets reality.


On Vacation

I’m using up some unused vacation during the holidays so I’m OOF until 1/5 starting………right……now! I already feel more relaxed (except that they are moving my office tomorrow while I’m out and all my moveto tags had a non-existent room number on them). But I’m not worrying about that right now.  I’m on vacation.



Chris and Don discuss XAML … and then add some holiday cheer.  For those just looking for some humorous entertainment the singing and don’t want to be bored with coding console apps in color, the singing begins about 14:45 into the show. My older brother, a former Microsoftie, was known for his screams of complete anguish anytime…


The History of Web Services

Eric Newcomer posted his take on the history of Web services and where it is going. Eric was heavily involved in the early days of SOAP and so forth as IONA’s representative in the various standards. I found this piece quite interesting. I’ve now had the good fortune to hear a number of viewpoints on…


the king returneth (potential spoiler)

My 13 year old daughter talked me into seeing the 12:15 am showing of The Return of the King last night. I thought I was buying for her friend too and had an extra ticket so I brought my mom. I believe I had just about the youngest and just about the oldest people in…


WS-I Sample Applications for Basic Profile

In case you didn’t notice, the WS-I released the Basic Profile Sample Applications. This includes sample code from the vendors that does some relatively basic order tracking and should work between the different platforms without a hitch.

WS-Federation, WS-Trust and WS-SecureConversation Workshop Materials

In case you missed the Workshop and you wanted to see the information discussed on WS-Federation, the materials including the powerpoints have been published for about a week. Keep checking out the Workshops home page for the latest information on Web services specs. Information on how the WS-Trust and WS-SecureConversation Interop Workshop went are also…

WS-Addressing EndpointReferences

As part of my new emphasis, I would like to point out what I would consider the most significant blog post on Web services that I have seen this month. Check out Hervey’s post on WS-Addressing EndpointReferences.

Blog Variations

You should be seeing some changes in my blog in the coming weeks (okay, maybe not over the holidays but next week and in January). There is a reason for this and it is here. Notice that on the Visual C# developer center, there is a section called “Duncan MacKenzie on C#” which is just…

Me and the Hybrid

My car wouldn’t start Weds. morning. I ended up working from home all day as I arranged a tow truck to haul my car off and found myself unable to get a hold of my wife who was helping in one of my children’s class rooms. It worked out relatively well since I needed to…