Migrating TFS (2010 or 2012) Personal Queries from one project to another via Powershell

Over at my personal Blog I provide a powershell example of how users can migrate their personal TFS Work Item queries from one project to another.  This is useful when migrating from a TFS 2010 server to a new TFS 2012 server.   http://www.mikepoulson.com/2013/08/migrating-tfs-2010-or-2012-personal.html  

How to create differencing disk VM from template on SCVMM 2012 via PowerShell

Over at my personal blog (www.mikepoulson.com) I have a post on using Differencing Disks with an SCVMM template.  The main issue I ran into when first doing Diff disks with VMM was making sure the Parent VHD was on the target HyperV host.  The PowerShell script at http://www.mikepoulson.com/2011/07/how-to-create-differencing-disk-vm-from.html does that work for you.