My new Cingular 2125 SmartPhone

It has been one week from when I got my 2125 smart phone.  It was my first smart phone and so far I like it.  The few things/issues that have come up are  It took 70 on the phone with Cingular to start service with them.  I was a T-mobile customer but due to a…


Broke Back Mountain – The best movie all year

Tonight we went to see a showing of Broke Back Mountain with the Seattle International Film Festival (  The movie was great. It stars Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhaal and directed by Ang Lee.    Heath and Jake did very well playing cowboys in this movie. Some of the 1970-1980 scenes had them wearing some nasty sideburns and mustaches, but…


Bug in ASP.NET 2.0 response.transmitFile when you try to send a file larger then 2gig

There is a bug in the response.transtmitfile method in Whidbey that I hit the other day.  It hits when you attempt to send a file larger then an int32 in size (which is about 2gig. ) You will get a ArgumentOutOfRangeException exception.  “The size parameter must be between zero and the maximum Int32 value.” There is…


MSI Installer and Failed to connect to server Event

Event ID:1015 Error: 0x800401f0 Got one of these on a server when attempting to install the .net FrameWork 2.0 and Sharepoint Services Service Pack 2 on a Windows Server 2003 SP1 machine.  The fix is to follow;en-us;555175 Unregister Windows Installer, and then reregister Windows Installer. To do this, follow these steps:  1. On the…


Today I got my NSA IAM Certificate in the Mail

In July I attended the Black hat Conf in Las Vegas (  While I was there I attended the NSA IAM certification course.  Today I went down to check my mailbox and found my NSA IAM Cert.  I am now certified in the eyes of the United States National Security Agency to conduct Infosec Assessments….


Making Exchange Recipient Policies some what scaleable in the hosted environment

Yesterday I ran a piece of automation on our AD that redesigned how we store Exchange RPs.  An issue (there are MANY) with using exchange in the hosted environment is limits of the number of Recipient Policies that can exist in the AD.  In theory there is not a limit to the number of RP objects that…


PGP 9 and Whole Disk Encryption could be better but it still rocks

So with pgp9 the feature for whole disk encryption was added.  This is a great feature if you run Windows XP (or Windows 2000 pro for PGP 9.02).  It allows you to literally encrypt all the contents of your hard drive at a very low level.  When the system boots it prompts for the Pass…


Mr. Clean Magic Eraser works great and you can raise money for a Non-Profit

While I am not one for lots of Corp pitches.  This sounds cool.  If I use my Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and then tell them how I used it they will donate $1.00 to Hands on Network (  I non-Profit that helps clean things up.  They are working right now to help the Hurricane people. …


The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is the Best product (except for .net 2.0)

So a few weekends ago I had my house warming party.  After the 45 some drunken people left my walls had seen better days.  So following the advice of a friend I had gotten some Mr. Clean Magic Erasers ( Let me tell you how well they work. Those nasty blue jean stains on the…