New to VS 2015 and TFS 2015? Check out these great blog posts!

About to upgrade to the latest TFS 2015 – be sure to read these: Installing VS 2015 soon? Check out this post and KB: Looking into the new build system in TFS 2015 – here are some documentation Enjoy!

Visual Studio ALM Rangers

Just joined the awesome Visual Studio ALM Ranger: Who are the Visual Studio ALM Rangers: Check the great work they do here: and here:   


Team Foundation Build vNext (2015)

You can get some great insight into what is happening with build in TFS vNext here:


Advanced settings for AppPool for Azure websites

  There are at least two options if you need configure more advanced setting for the AppPool on an Azure website: You can define triggers and actions for Azure web sites:  ConfigureRemote Admin: Then you connect to it directly in IIS Management Console from Windows Server.

HTTP/2 – What is it?

You can find a brief description here: It also describes how you can already try HTTP/2 by using IE in the Windows 10 Technical Preview.