New to VS 2015 and TFS 2015? Check out these great blog posts!

About to upgrade to the latest TFS 2015 – be sure to read these: Installing VS 2015 soon? Check out this post and KB: Looking into the new build system in TFS 2015 – here are some documentation Enjoy!

Visual Studio ALM Rangers

Just joined the awesome Visual Studio ALM Ranger: Who are the Visual Studio ALM Rangers: Check the great work they do here: and here:   


Team Foundation Build vNext (2015)

You can get some great insight into what is happening with build in TFS vNext here:


Advanced settings for AppPool for Azure websites

  There are at least two options if you need configure more advanced setting for the AppPool on an Azure website: You can define triggers and actions for Azure web sites:  ConfigureRemote Admin: Then you connect to it directly in IIS Management Console from Windows Server.

HTTP/2 – What is it?

You can find a brief description here: It also describes how you can already try HTTP/2 by using IE in the Windows 10 Technical Preview.

Analyze .NET Portability – New Tool

Microsoft just released a new tool for analyzing .NET Portability. Use e.g. when considering reusing code in connection with Xamarin. Check it out here:

Visual Studio Online (TFS as a Service) – What you need to know to get started

You may already have an account, but before moving your company’s code, work items etc. it is important to know what is possible and what the terms and conditions are. Below I have collected some important links: Introduction: Pricing: Features Timeline: SLA & Terms of Service: Status &…


Free ebooks from Microsoft Press

Be sure to check out! A lot of awesome and free books. While there you might want also want take a look at the free courses:

Convert SID to User Name using PowerShell

Create a SecurityIdentifier object and translate into a NTAccount: 1: $objSID = New-Object System.Security.Principal.SecurityIdentifier 1: (“S-1-5-21-3496554487-1900509739-3140548133-500”) 2: $objUser = $objSID.Translate( [System.Security.Principal.NTAccount]) 3: $objUser.Value


Detecting OS & IE Version in (C#) Coded UI Tests

Using ProcessStartInfo and ApplicationUnderTest.Launch(ProcessStartInfo startInfo) you can launch a process under another user, but this will not work for Coded UI Tests in IE because you cannot access the DOM inside IE. Instead you can use the approach described there: As mentioned the login dialog is different depending on Windows version. There might also…