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SDC Tasks Updated on CodePlex

There’s a brand new release of the SDC Tasks library available. A lot of the feedback (suggestions, patches etc) from CodePlex users has now been merged into the latest release, as well as a number of changes that have come from internal use of this library…. Read more

SDC Tasks Moving to CodePlex

I’m currently in the process of setting up a new home for the SDC Tasks on CodePlex. As soon as the project is properly set up I’ll announce the URL, but for the moment you can still access the code on GotDotNet. Alternatively, use the url which is an alias for the GDN project… Read more

I’m sure you all love GotDotNet and find the search engine on there very useful. However, I know that some people find that searching on GDN can sometimes be challenging. In order to make your life easier we’ve made the CodeGallery for Solutions Build Framework a little easier to get to. You can now use… Read more

New Version SBF and SDC Tasks Uploaded Today

If you’re a user of the SBF framework and SDC Tasks then you should be aware that we’ve just uploaded a new version (v2.0.060717.001). This build fixes a few bugs in the BizTalk 2006 tasks, so if you’re using these tasks then it’s probably worth downloading this new version. The fixes and updates are: Fixed… Read more

SBF Gets Improved Docs and Tutorial

There’s a new version of the Microsoft UK Solution Build Framework up on GotDotNet. This version has a bunch of new features and bug fixes including: Support for TFS Source Control New MSBuild tasks for Biztalk 2006 configuration Improvements to the Biztalk 2004 MSBuild Tasks However, the most important improvement in this drop is the… Read more

MS UK’s Solution Build Framework (SBF) on GotDotNet

I’m a developer within Microsoft Services in the UK. The group I work in have developed a framework that we use to perform all of our build and deployment of complex projects. The Solutions Build Framework (SBF) is a set of tools and procedures that represents Microsoft Services UK’s best practice for developing and deploying… Read more