Hiding Methods With The “new” Modifier

We were discussing the use of the new modifier in C# in my team today, and I was expressing my opinion that I don’t like it. The new modifier is used to explicitly hide a method in a base class. I’m sure there are good reasons to do this, but generally the use of the…


Microsoft Mediaroom Developers Conference 2007

Last week I attended and presented at the Microsoft Mediaroom Developers Conference in Boston. The conference went really well, and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed presenting. I generally don’t do much presenting, and I was standing up in front of a reasonably large audience, but it went well. In fact, by pulling…


SDC Tasks Moves to CodePlex

SDC Tasks, a library of over 300 MSBuild tasks, has moved from its old (and soon to be demolished) home of GotDotNet to a new and shiny location on CodePlex. The new location is http://www.codeplex.com/sdctasks. The CodePlex project hosts the latest release of SDC Tasks plus you can get access to the source code. Feel…


SDC Tasks Moving to CodePlex

I’m currently in the process of setting up a new home for the SDC Tasks on CodePlex. As soon as the project is properly set up I’ll announce the URL, but for the moment you can still access the code on GotDotNet. Alternatively, use the url www.BuildFramework.com which is an alias for the GDN project…


Andy Reeves Is Soon To Be Ex-MSFT

Andy Reeves has announced that he’s leaving Microsoft. Andy was the creator and driving force behind the SDC Tasks library and SBF. It’s a shame to see a great engineer like Andy leaving the Microsoft.