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Giles and Nats Have Left The Building (almost)

At the end of this week Microsoft UK will have one less brilliant developer. Giles Knap and his wife Natasha will be leaving Microsoft to travel around the world. Giles has been instrumental in developing the Solution Build Framework, and much of the SDC Tasks library. He has been dedicated to the ideal that a developer should… Read more

As Seen On Microsoft TV

Well, I’ve just (last week) started a new job at Microsoft. I’ve been at Microsoft for 5 years now, and for those 5 years I’ve been working in Microsoft Consulting Services. However, as of last week I’ve joined the EMEA development team for Microsoft TV. This is a really exciting change for me, and I’m… Read more

WCF Tracing and Manageability

I’ve just finished watching Laurence Melloul’s and Craig McMurty’s WCF Tracing video from Channel9. This is an excellent video that highlights some of the cool stuff that’s “out of the box” with WCF – information and tracking that users of ASMX had to fight hard to extract are now build into WCF and easy to… Read more

Blogging Code Samples

So, I tried to big-up Word 2007’s blog publishing features in my last post and somewhat put my foot in it. Word 2007 in general does an excellent job of posting to blogs, but when I cut and paste from Visual Studio 2005 into Word 2007 what popped out of my blog was ok but… Read more

Blogging Code and Xml From Word 2007

Pat Long has been trying to post xml and code samples to his nice new blog. It appears he’s having problems. So, I thought I’d give it a go and prove to him that Word 2007 does an excellent job of posting both. Here is some sample xml… <Grid xmlns=““ xmlns:x=“http:“// Height=“300“Width=“300“><StackPanel Background=“Green“>   <ToggleButton… Read more

Taking Off The Training Wheels

I’ve had some technical interviews recently. One of the hard parts of being interviewed is the part where you’re asked to do some whiteboard coding. In the past the statement “could you write some code on the whiteboard” has caused my brain to reset and has left me standing there, with pen in hand, struggling… Read more

WCF Training

I’ve just finished a WCF training course and feel the need to rave about it. Firstly, WCF is a very cool product. The WCF team have done their best to create a consistent object model that you can extend as much as you like. The second thing I’d like to rave about is the course… Read more

I’m sure you all love GotDotNet and find the search engine on there very useful. However, I know that some people find that searching on GDN can sometimes be challenging. In order to make your life easier we’ve made the CodeGallery for Solutions Build Framework a little easier to get to. You can now use… Read more

Feeling TechReady

I’ve just returned from an internal Microsoft training event called TechReady. Basically, a bunch of Microsoft Services people turn up in Seattle and learn stuff. The highlight of this event for me have to be the WCF presentations by Craig McMurtry. In one of his presentations he extended the hell out of WCF. Basically, he… Read more

Blogging from Word 2007

So, this is my first blog post from Word 2007. I followed Joe’s instructions (recommended to me by Howard) to get this working. I can’t quite work out how to assign multiple categories to my posts, but apart from that I’m really impressed with Word 2007 and the whole of the Office 2007 suite…. Read more