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I spent today at DDD8 and was really impressed with the level of content and the quality of the speakers. This is an event run by and for the community. It takes place in the Microsoft UK offices, but is not an MS event (Microsoft speakers are not allowed). For me, the highlights were Gary… Read more

IIS Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Toolkit In Action On

Ben Vincent has blogged an excellent write up of his experiences with the IIS Search Engine Optimization (SEO) toolkit. It’s well worth a read and illustrates how the tool can increase your sites relevance on search engines (and drive traffic to your site). After running the tool Ben’s site ends up getting as much referral… Read more

Update to "Solving Problems in C# and F# – Part 2"

It’s been pointed out that I didn’t need to write the extension method RaiseToThePowerOf. BigInt has it’s own static Pow method. I blame code blindness. So, with this in place Problem 25 is solved like this…   1: var ten = BigInt.FromInt32(10); 2: var nineninenine = BigInt.FromInt32(999); 3: var first1000DigitNumber = BigInt.Pow(ten, nineninenine); 4:  … Read more

Solving Problems in C# and F# – Part 2

UPDATE: It’s been pointed out that the extension method RaiseToThePowerOf isn’t required. I’ve updated the C# solution to Problem 25 here, but left this post “as is”. This is part one of a three part post where myself and Giles Knap play around with C# and F# to see if we find anything useful or interesting… Read more

Solving Problems in C# and F# – Part 1

On a recently snowboarding holiday I found myself having some decidedly geeky conversations with a good friend of mine, Giles Knap. Giles is currently learning F# and was extolling its virtues while I did my best to defend C#, explaining to him that C# 3.0 included most of the functional language constructs that I was… Read more

StyleCop for ReSharper Release Candidate

Howard van Rooijen has just announced that the Release Candidate for StyleCop for ReSharper is now available. If you like StyleCop (you do, don’t you?) then you should definately take a look at this. Howard wants all your feedback, so go download StyleCop for ReSharper now…. Read more

Not Writing Code is Great

I love writing code. Sometimes, though, not writing code is even better. Less code written means less to test, less to maintain, less to document etc etc. Ben Vincent, Lead Program Manager for Windows Live Calendar, likes to spend his free time pretending to be a developer 😉 Actually, he’s going a pretty good job… Read more

Microsoft Office Live Small Business

Isn’t it great when you spend all day sat in front of a PC and then get home and get asked to do the same thing? Over the last week I’ve been helping my wife set up a website designed to keep the residents of our village informed about the Community Plan that is being… Read more

SDC Tasks Updated on CodePlex

There’s a brand new release of the SDC Tasks library available. A lot of the feedback (suggestions, patches etc) from CodePlex users has now been merged into the latest release, as well as a number of changes that have come from internal use of this library…. Read more