How to Create your .NET Services Solution and run your first sample

Jenny talks about the steps you need to follow to create your first .NET Services solution. A great post. Check it out here:


WF Activities supported by the .NET Workflow Service

A few folks asked about the set of supported activities in the Nov 2008 CTP of .NET Workflow Service.   In the current release, Nov 2008 CTP, the Workflow Service supports a subset of the WF out-of-box (OOB) activities and some activities for the .NET Services platform. Therefore, the WF Workflows that the Workflow Service…


Election Day 2008, Please Vote

If you didn’t fill your absentee ballot yet please take some time to vote this Tuesday. I personally think the 2008 presidential election is of great magnitude but please remember this Tueday’s election is not just a presidential one. All seats in the house of representatives, 33 seats in the senate and 11 governor seats are up…


Thursday sessions @ PDC: .NET Workflow Service and others

If you’re @ PDC, come to BB27 this Thursday @ 1:45 to learn more about .NET Workflow Service. During this session, I’ll talk about the .NET Workflow Service roadmap and how you can use the live CTP bits this Thursday @ PDC.   Also, there are a lot of good sessions on Thursday that you…


Announcing Microsoft .NET Workflow Service – a "Cloud"-based Workflow host

Last PDC in 2005, I was part of the team that announced Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) as the new declarative programming model in .NET Framework. WF allows you to focus on writing the core logic of your application, declaratively. It handles a lot of complications and logic that exist in applications that orchestrate services or…


John Shewchuk gives hints about his PDC08 talk

John Shewchuk talk about his PDC 08 talk here:   John’s PDC talk is a high-level talk giving you an overview of what our team at Microsoft has been busy building for the last few years. Don’t miss his session. Also, don’t miss the details talks by feature owners. The details talks will drill…


Cloud-Related PDC 2008 Sessions

The PDC team is regularly posting a list of sessions. Lately, they posted a session to give me the opportunity to talk to you about Cloud-based Workflow Services. Workflow Services: Orchestrating Services and Business Processes Presenter: Moustafa Ahmed   See how simple it is to use cloud-based workflow to perform complex orchestration across on-premises and…


Announcing BizTalk Workflow Services

We released BizTalk Services R12 Release today. R12 contains the first public release of BizTalk Workflow Services. Please read Clemens’ announcement post here for more detailed information on R12’s BizTalk Worklfow Services and major changes to the Messaging and Identity BizTalk Services in R12. Please go to and try the service today! Any feedback and…


Moustafa v2.0 and Labs.BizTalk.Net

Hello World!   Its been few months since I wrote last time. I’ve been super busy over the past few months working various efforts.   In late 2007, we shipped Visual Studio 2008 and .Net Framework 3.5. The release contained significant WF framework and tooling enhancements and some WF Rules enhancements based on your feedback….