New .NET Framework 3.0 training e-Clinics from Microsoft Learning

Microsoft Learning just released .Net Framework 3.0 courses. Check them out here, you find a course for each of the .Net Framework 3.0 technologies; Windows Workflow Foundation (WF), Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). The courses will available at no charge until the launch of Windows Vista, so get them now 🙂


WF Rules and Rete

Don McCrady talks about Rete and WF Rules here.


Roger Waters Live in Seattle

I’m going to see Roger Waters at Key Arena, Seattle on October 12th on his last stop of his 2006 Dark Side of The Moon tour in the US . It’s my birthday and I’m going to see one of my favorite musicians and one of the best musicians this world has even seen!  


About WF Tracking Profiles…

Some people have asked me recently about tracking profiles and how to author them so I thought to post what I told them here.   Tracking Profiles Tracking Profiles are the mechanism by which the Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) Tracking Services communicate to the WF Tracking runtime what events/data the service(s) is interested in. You…