Burglers, why are you rude?

I woke up on Sunday 10/6 to find the steering wheel column of my car completely busted. Someone tried to steal my vehicle and for some reason they left it when they were almost there. When I called the towing company to tow my car to the shop for repairs, they guy was able to turn the ignition on and drive it -without keys- in less than 3 seconds! I have no idea why the thieves left the car. The police came and they took a fingerprint off the rearview mirror. Dust, brush and cool police stuff, nothing near CSI and Hollywood movies but was exciting to see.

Buglers, you can't chicken when you're that close, next time take the whole thing. Its just rude to leave it busted for me to deal with. Let's see whose fingerprint is that on the rear view mirror.

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