Back to School with Mouse Mischief

Everything’s new at the beginning of the school year—classmates, classrooms, teachers, schedules, grade, content, maybe even the school. That can make everybody a little nervous. How you start a new school year can influence how your year progresses, so you want to make sure you get off to a good start. Mouse Mischief can help…


New to Mouse Mischief?

Mouse Mischief is an exciting new classroom tool that is available as a free download to Office 2010 and 2007 users. Mouse Mischief integrates into Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007, and it enables you to insert interactive, multiple-mouse slides into your lessons that many students can participate in at the same time,…


Homeschooling blahs? Energize your routine with Mouse Mischief lessons.

One of the greatest challenges in homeschooling is keeping things fresh and interesting, day by day, so kids don’t lose interest. There are lots of ways to boost your kids’ excitement for learning—introducing different approaches to learning and reviewing material, giving them new educational tools and resources to work with, inviting them to participate more…


Give Every Child a Mouse Today!

Editor’s Note: Today we welcome Alvin Tan, a physics teacher in Singapore, as our guest blogger. If you recall, he was the teacher who recently had a special in person visit from Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. I first started using an early version of Microsoft Mouse Mischief when it was introduced to me last year during…


Free Lesson Plans – Mouse Mischief Templates

As you may already know, our team has created approximately 25 PowerPoint templates for you to use with Mouse Mischief. They are currently housed in the template section of Since teachers are always looking for lesson plans or lesson plan ideas, I thought I’d remind everyone again that these templates are available for free….


Steve Ballmer makes Mischief in Singapore

Yesterday students at Ngee Ann Secondary got a treat when Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer visited their school on Wednesday. In Singapore for a day, Mr. Ballmer wanted to see how the school was making innovative use of cloud computing technologies for educational development. Ngee Ann Secondary is a Microsoft Pathfinder School, part of the company’s global partners…


5 Tips for classroom management during multiple-mouse lessons

As a follow up to our “Teachers are in control with Mouse Mischief” post, we’ve decided to showcase the buttons and features within Mouse Mischief and break down the program some more for you with five simple tips for managing a multiple-mouse lesson. Using Mouse Mischief with your class definitely increases the energy in the room….


5 Questions with our first Twitter Re-tweet winner!

Congratulations to the first winner of our Twitter Re-tweet contest, Jessica Egolf! As you know, each week through May 21st we’re giving away a Mouse Mischief starter kit which includes five wireless mice and a USB hub. The rules are simple, re-tweet the following below and we pick a winner at random each week. I had a…


Teachers are in control with Mouse Mischief

We’re less than a week into the official launch of Mouse Mischief and the response from teachers and educators around the world has been overwhelming.  To share just a few: Clarise Carr writes on our Facebook wall:  “I will be starting my 42nd year teaching in the fall. I have changed my teaching methods with…


Mouse Mischief: Increasing Student Engagement in the Classroom

For some time now, Microsoft has been involved in an ongoing dialogue with teachers, school administrators and students to explore how we can best enhance learning experiences.  We discovered, regardless of geographic location, that students are excited about the use of technology in the classroom, and engagement and participation increases with improved access to education…