Go green with Mischief!

In 2003 the School of the Future became the first paperless school.  A joint project of the School District of Philadelphia and Microsoft, the School of the Future was created to help integrate technology in the classroom and help the environment. To avoid waste and save trees, students used only computers, and all books, tests,…


Protecting students’ anonymity and avoiding copycat behavior

No doubt about it—multiple mouse lessons are fun. It’s great to have your whole class working together on one screen answering questions at the same time by clicking their mice, especially when their mouse pointers are sailboats, trees, piano keys, and other shapes. But with all this “public” fun, how do you make sure that…


Another way to preview a multiple-mouse presentation before you play it in the classroom

In our last blog entry (“Practice Mouse Mischief lessons so you can light up your class the next day!”), we shared one way to preview a multiple-mouse presentation. If you have a single computer and only one mouse, you can still preview a presentation. You can even do this on a portable computer using your touchpad. Follow…


5 Tips for classroom management during multiple-mouse lessons

As a follow up to our “Teachers are in control with Mouse Mischief” post, we’ve decided to showcase the buttons and features within Mouse Mischief and break down the program some more for you with five simple tips for managing a multiple-mouse lesson. Using Mouse Mischief with your class definitely increases the energy in the room….