Learn how to master the presentation controls by viewing this Mouse Mischief video

If you have explored Mouse Mischief and you’re wondering how to use all the features on the presentation controls, check out our video below to learn about using the presentation controls.


Presentation controls for playing a Mouse Mischief presentation


This video demonstrates  how each button on the presentation controls can help you maintain optimal classroom control during a multiple-mouse presentation. For example, the Timer button on the lets you limit the amount of time that students can spend on an interactive slide, up to 60 seconds. If, during the exercise, you see that students need more time to complete the slide, you can pause the timer and restart it whenever you want. The Timer button has three active states:


 Start timer---------------------------------------------Pause timer--------------------------------------------Continue timer



Another button that is handy to use during a multiple-mouse slide is the Pause/Play button. When you want to get the students’ attention while they are engrossed in a slide’s activity, you can click the Pause button. Doing so causes the student mouse pointers to temporarily disappear—so they can give you their full attention. When you’re ready for the students to begin working again, you can click the Play button, and their mouse pointers reappear. The Pause/Play button lets you interrupt a lesson to make a new point or to control student behavior. Here are the two states of that button:




To learn how to use other buttons on the presentation controls in classroom multiple-mouse presentation, be sure to check out the above video about presentation controls.

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