Another way to preview a multiple-mouse presentation before you play it in the classroom

In our last blog entry (“Practice Mouse Mischief lessons so you can light up your class the next day!”), we shared one way to preview a multiple-mouse presentation. If you have a single computer and only one mouse, you can still preview a presentation. You can even do this on a portable computer using your touchpad.

Follow these instructions to use your keyboard to simulate the teacher’s mouse and use your mouse or notebook touchpad to simulate a student mouse.


This is the mouse identification page, on which a teacher selects the teacher mouse used in the presentation.

1.       On the mouse-identification page, press F7 on your keyboard to set up the presentation for keyboard control. The next page will automatically appear.

2.       On the keyboard, press Enter to select Individual mode.

3.       Use your mouse or touchpad to click inside the Click me! box. 

4.       On the keyboard, press F8 to display the presentation controls.

5.       On the keyboard, press the RIGHT ARROW key to advance to the first slide.

6.       Use your mouse or touchpad to enter student responses on Multiple Choice and Yes/No slides or to participate in drawing slides.

7.       To operate the presentation controls with your keyboard, use the following keyboard shortcuts:



Press this key

To do this action


Click the presentation control button that is currently selected.


Back up the presentation to the previous slide.


Advance the presentation to the next slide.


Display or hide the results of student responses to a question.


Hide student mouse pointers, or redisplay student mouse pointers that you had hidden.


Reset the slide to clear student drawing marks or remove student responses to question and answer slides.


Start the timer, pause the timer when it’s running, or continue the timer when it is paused.


End the presentation.


Show or hide the presentation controls.


Rotate the focus through all active buttons on the presentation controls.

CTRL+1 through CTRL+0

Click answer buttons on a Yes/No or Multiple Choice slide for the teacher’s mouse.

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